16 thoughts on “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

    • Me too! I would love to have a “studio” and line one wall with this wood! Thanks for stopping by Daune.

    • It certainly does. They always make me wonder what those “old” boards would say if they could talk – something fascinating I am sure! Thank you for stopping by and commenting today Laura. We appreciate it!

    • Thanks for stopping by today! This would make a great painting! If you do paint it, send us a picture of your painting. We would love to see it.

    • We are lucky. Still warm and wonderful, but I am ready for the beautiful leaves! Thanks for commenting today Tara.

  1. Wordless Wednesday, but that picture of an abandoned barn is talking to a lot of us. I played in one somewhat like that when I was growing up in Northern California. Mine was an old abandoned winery, full of secrets and hidden passageways. Me and my little buddies headed there every afternoon after school. Thanks for sharing a great Wordless Wednesday.

    • What a wonderful memory that is! I bet it wasa treasure trove for the imagination. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting and sharing such a great memory with us.

    • Thank you for stopping by Mary. It would be a great place for a Sunday picnic. NC has so many wonderful old buildings like this. I could to an entire book just on old barns!

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