Alessa and I started our blessing journals a couple of years ago on our annual Thanksgiving trip to the beach.  It is just one in  my ongoing collection of journals. When I purchased them, I really was not sure what direction we each would take with our journal, but Alessa came up with having each person write in the respective journals what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.   I loved the idea and our blessing journals were born.  I always enjoy reading back over the entries for last year and now the year before to see who was there and what they said.

The two of us can be real nags (imagine that)  about getting them done by each person present and some people (who shall be nameless) need to be prodded more than once!  Of course having two journals adds a bit more to the nag factor, but hey, it is only once a year and we aren’t asking for a whole page . . . . . sheesh!   For those of you who have never journaled before or those of you who might want a good reason to start a journal or perhaps a new holiday tradition this is the perfect way to begin.    What a wonderful inspirational way to make a memory of our traditional Thanksgiving beach trip.  How will you record your memories this year?


  1. This is such an awesome idea. I love it. My family usually don’t do journals…..but I think it’ll be nice to get started. My family usually record the memories through pictures. I love taking pictures. Maybe because I’m a very visual person. :) Have a wonderful day.

    • It has been fun doing it and fun rereading them every year. I too love pictures, but there is something to wonderful about the written word.

  2. How quaint! To WRITE one’s thoughts and not deliver them to the ether….
    And, yet, we all know there is something to that “texture”, something for which we still pine…
    Great idea- and an early Thanksgiving wish to you all.

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